Awakening – 仿如昨日

Description (from novelupdates):

A martial art expert from the Song dynasty lives like a Phoenix that can live again in another body after death. This time, he happened to take over the body of a Japanese high schooler who is also a victim of bullying and has a bit complicated family circumstances.

Chapter 1-8

Chapter 9-13

Chapter 14-16

Chapter 17-20

Chapter 21-Another Sister

Chapter 22-Third Party

Chapter 23-Cheer

Chapter 24-Before the Competition

Chapter 25-Ask

Chapter 26-Quarter finals

Chapter 27-Individuals

Chapter 28-Struggle

Chapter 29-Competition

Chapter 30-New Year

Chapter 31-Alumni Association

Chapter 32-Provocation

Chapter 33-Gift

Chapter 34-moving

Chapter 35-Transfer Student

Chapter 36-Evidence

Chapter 37-Bet

Chapter 38-Far from Home

Chapter 39-Pursuit

Chapter 40-Besiege

Chapter 41-Return

Chapter 42-School Festival

Chapter 43-Chance Encounter

Chapter 44-Meeting Again

 Chapter 45-Gloomy Night

Chapter 46-Floor

Chapter 47-Trade

Chapter 48-Existence

 Chapter 49-Answer

Chapter 50-Launch

Chapter 51-Tranquil

Chapter 52-Boyfriend

Chapter 53-Show

Chapter 54-Missing

Chapter 55-That Person

Chapter 56-Nightmare

Chapter 57-Attack

Chapter 58-Rough Treatment

Chapter 59-That Morning

Chapter 60-Clue

Chapter 61-School

 Chapter 62-Under Attack

Chapter 63-Innocent

Chapter 64-The Dim Light Of The Night

Chapter 65-First Meeting

Chapter 66-Warehouse

Chapter 67-Decision

Chapter 68-Passport

Chapter 69-Switzerland

Chapter 70-Gunfire

Chapter 71-Visitor

Chapter 72-Funeral

Chapter 73-Afternoon Tea

Chapter 74-Chase

Chapter 75-Change

Chapter 76-Will

Chapter 77-Feelings

Chapter 78-Night Visit

Chapter 79-Chess Player

Chapter 80-Commence

Chapter 81-Sleepless Night

Chapter 82-Dawn

Chapter 83-Outing

Chapter 84-Night Talk

Chapter 85-Another Funeral

Chapter 86-Change

Chapter 87-Previous Place

Chapter 88 Goodbye

Chapter 89-Phone Number

Chapter 90-Coffee

Chapter 91-Confession

Chapter 92-Nuisance

Chapter 93-Moonlight

Chapter 94-Again?

Chapter 95-Baseball

Chapter 96-Start of a Match

Chapter 97-Strange Person

Chapter 98-Masked Rider

Chapter 99-Twisting

Chapter 100-Discussion

Chapter 101-Rooftop

Chapter 102-Unlucky

Chapter 103-Encounter

Chapter 104-Ballroom

Chapter 105-Mistress

Chapter 106-Skipping Class

Chapter 107-Ward

Chapter 108-Jackpot

Chapter 109-Hostage

Chapter 110-Preparation

Chapter 111-Explosion

Chapter 112-Liable

Chapter 113-Dinner Party

Chapter 114-Honest

 Chapter 115-Suit

Chapter 116-Scene

Chapter 117-Exam

Chapter 118-Guest

Chapter 119-Indulgence

Chapter 120-Truth

Chapter 121-Cafe

Chapter 122-Nightmare

Chapter 123-Desire

Chapter 124

Chapter 125-Search

Chapter 126-Entrance

Chapter 127-Breakthrough

Chapter 128-Disappear

Chapter 129-Remembrance

Chapter 130-Church

Chapter 131-The Past

Chapter 132-Injury

Chapter 133-Ward

Chapter 134-Dreamland

Chapter 135-Reunion

Chapter 136-Option

Chapter 137-Customized

Chapter 138-Laughter

Chapter 139-Rearview

Chapter 140-Interrogation

Chapter 141-Park

Chapter 142-Inside the Club

Chapter 143-Gratitude

Chapter 144-Not Suitable for Driving at Night

Chapter 145-Knight

Chapter 146-Retreat

Chapter 147-The Two in their own World in the Hospital

Chapter 148-Visitors

Chapter 149-The Author of the Love Letter

Chapter 150-Honored Visitor

Chapter 151-The Diary

Chapter 152-Invitation

Chapter 153-Hiding

Chapter 154-Chaos

Chapter 155-Bullet

Chapter 156-Long Hair

Chapter 157-Backing

Chapter 158-Injury

Chapter 159-Reason Things Out

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Awakening Chapter 22-30

Awakening Chapter 31-40

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Awakening Chapter 61-70