Awakening: Chapter 63-Innocent

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Some things, no matter what one does, would still come.

The next morning, Masashi was called to the principal’s office.

Opening the door, he saw the fat principal and at his left side, sitting there was a stern middle-aged man.

Originally the principal was accompanying the middle-aged man with a smiling face, seeing Masashi, he immediately shouted loudly: “Gennai Masashi, what exactly did you do? Come quickly, Congressman Ikeda has especially come looking for you.” If it weren’t for the person sitting next to him, he would have pointed at the problem student and cursed at him.

Masashi’s mouth twitched as he quietly walked towards Congressman Ikeda.

“Are you Gennai Masashi-san?” The stern middle-aged man unexpectedly used honorifics.

Masashi frown, then said dismissively: “I am Gennai Masashi, what brings you to look for me?”

“Gennai Masashi, what’s with that attitude?” The principal was anxious as he breaks into a cold sweat. He was prepared, so long as Congressman Ikeda would be happy, he would immediately expel this problem student, so as to not stir up any trouble.

To everyone’s surprise, this middle-aged man turned around and suddenly kneeled down before Masashi.

This almost made the principal’s eyes fall out, and even Masashi was a little surprised.

“I’ll teach my child a lesson, for offending Mr. Gennai, I beg for your Excellency’s forgiveness.” Congressman Ikeda’s head was firmly against the floor.

Masashi calmed, saying softly: “After all, the person who first started it was I, doesn’t Mr. Ikeda blame me?”

“I do not dare to, my son was extremely, stubbornly disobedient, so I must thank your excellency for educating him. In the future, I’ll certainly teach my son strictly and ensure that something like this never happens again.”

“Now that the misunderstanding’s gone, Mr. Ikeda please give my regards to Ikeda student.” Masashi quitted while one was still ahead, after all, this guy was still a congressman, in front of other he should still give him some face.

“Thank you for your Excellency’s concern. If it’s all right I’ll go first, I’m very sorry for wasting your excellency’s precious study time.” Congressman Ikeda bent down and bowed down and again.

“Well, you take care.” Masashi was tired of this hypocrite formality.

“Gennai student, you….” With Congressman Ikeda gone, the principal looked at Masashi as if he saw a monster.

“Principal, if there’s nothing else I’ll go back to class.” Before he could finish, Masashi had proudly walked out.

“Good, good, you take care….” Principal wiped his sweat while smiling.

Masashi returned to the classroom but found no one there. Then he remembered that it was physical education, so students had to go to the field.

Without anything to do, he looked at his drawer and took out a book.

Not long before reading he heard footsteps coming from outside the door. He looked up and saw Mizato come in.

Because he was always looking towards the back, up until he entered the classroom, and only to see Masashi let out an evil grin.

Seeing Masashi, Mizato’s first reaction was to run out, but Masashi was already at the door waiting for him, he wanted to run, but a hand behind him immediately grasped his arm, pinning his whole body against the wall.

“ya!” Mizato immediately called out in pain.

“Mizato-san, we haven’t spoken for a long time, have you been well?”

“You, what do you want?” Mizato was frightened while his complexion turned pale. He didn’t know when, but he suddenly saw Masashi’s flexible foot.

“Nothing, I just want to chat with Mizato schoolmate.”

“I beg you, let me go, please? My hand hurts.” Mizato said.

“Of course, as long as you don’t run.” Masashi then let go of his hand and smiled at him.

“What are you trying to do?” Mizato was uncomfortable.

“If I’m not mistaken, the class right now is physical education. I would like to ask, why did Mizato-san come back here?”

“I’m, I’m a little uncomfortable.” Mizato evasively said.

“If I’m not imaging it previously, didn’t you put something in my drawer?”

Hearing his words, Mizato’s face immediately turned pale, “I, didn’t…”

But before he finished, Masashi suddenly grabbed him by the collar, “last time didn’t that bastard Nagasaki order you to frame me?”

“You, how do you know that?” Mizato stared at him.

This little rascal is really just a kid, with only one try he already fell into the trap, Masashi sneered in his heart.

“That’s so, and he told you to put the fountain pen secretly in my drawer, right?”

Mizato nodded reluctantly.

“Didn’t I ask you a question? Answer me.” Masashi gave him a stern look

Mizato was frightened by him and quickly answered yes.

“I can let you off, but you must tell me what happened that day in detail. I want to know how he set me up.”

“Are you going to let me go?” Mizato said skeptically.

“Your grandmother! Told you to quickly tell me, you’re too talkative.” Masashi was a little impatient.

Mizato didn’t dare ask anymore, and immediately laid it out.

Just listen to a few words, Masashi couldn’t help but doze off already. Listening to him for a full fifteen minutes while constantly saying it wasn’t his fault, begging for mercy and some nonsense that he regretted committing the crime.

Once he finished, Masashi finally let out a yawn. Then lazily said: “Mizato, you’re the most stupidest kid I’ve ever seen.”

“What?” Mizato looked at him, puzzled.

“Listen to this,” Masashi said as he took out his cell phone, and then lowered his head provokingly.

Not long after, a record of their conversation could be heard from the phone, and its content was just Mizato being accountable with the alleged incident.

Hearing the tape, Mizato knew he was tricked, and immediately rushed to grab the phone. But Masashi kicked off the ground.

“You think I’m so bored that I’d even listen to a three-year-old? Guess what’s going to happen? Nagasaki asked such an idiot to be the ringer, is the most fatal mistake he made. Now let’s go to the principal, and if you can get Nagasaki involved, then maybe you’ll be off the hook.” Masashi jumped off the table and walked to the door.

Mizato suddenly ran in front of him, stopping at the door and loudly said: “Give me the phone!”

Masashi sneered, “If you were me, would you do it?”

“Give me or I….”

“Otherwise, what, you’ll jump on me? Or die in front of me?”

Mizato suddenly pulled out a knife from his body, pointing at Masashi and exclaimed: “I, I’ll say it again, give me the phone…..otherwise, I…”

Masashi looked at him, “You can try.” Then step by step walked towards him.

“Don’t come, I told you to stop…….stop!” Mizato hysterically cried.

Masashi walked over and looked at him, quietly watching him, not doing anything.

After a while, Mizato suddenly dropped the knife, kneeling in front of him as he cried, “I beg you, let me go.”

“I don’t need people to take responsibility for what you did.” Masashi expressionlessly said, then turned around and walked out of the classroom.

Behind the sound of Mizato crying more and more loudly can be heard.

“Senior, what’s going on with you? Are you sick?” Rumi gently touched his forehead.

“Nothing, just thinking of something.”

“Brother, what happened to that Mizato now?” Kazumi made a cup of tea placing it before Masashi.

“I don’t know, maybe taken away by his family.”

“Good, now senior’s name is finally clean. Just thinking that that Nagasaki could do such a thing, it’s outrageous.” Rumi said angrily.

“I already told you, that transfer student’s not a good person.” Kazumi very calmly drank some tea.

“You guess how will the school deal with the two of them?” Rumi asked.

“Mizato that fellow would certainly be urged to quit, as for Nagasaki, hard to say, probably nothing will happen.” Kazumi sneered.


“Because in the evidence only Mizato admitted his crime, as long as Nagasaki simply denies it, nothing can be done to him. Moreover, rich kids like him would curry the school favor beforehand, so why would they pursue the matter.” Masashi said next.

“Could it be that we’ll just let something like this pass?”

“That’s hard to say.” Masashi suddenly exposed a playful smile.

Cliff’s now a days aren’t that strong.

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