Awakening: Chapter 61-School

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For three days, Masashi was like a babysitter picking up Aiko from school.

He now regretted what he said to her that day. Originally it was only for that agreed day only, but he didn’t think that kid would ask him to pick her up from school the next day. She even allegedly said that when something happens he would rush over every time, that fellow just like in the film exposed an expression that of an orphan being left behind. And her classmates, especially Asami would coordinate and show an expression that of a person interrogating an ungrateful boyfriend.

Their performance of a melodramatic show made Masashi so that he would want to curse. But thinking that she had been in such a big shock, he had to put up with it, making him meet with her for several days again.

It was not until the fourth day that something happened, one that would have nothing to do with Masashi.

In the afternoon, as usual, Masashi would hold a newspaper in front of the school entrance waiting for Aiko when Asami suddenly came out.

“Gennai-san, Aiko’s participating in a club activity today. She’s afraid you might wait for her for too long, so she told me to take you inside and wait for her there.”

“That kid joined a club, never heard her mention that before,” Masashi said while folding the newspaper.

“She’s participating in the cooking study club, just joined yesterday. Later you have the luck of having a delicious meal.” Asami exposed a meaningful smile.

“Regarding this, I won’t hold back and give my opinion. According to my experience, generally, a girl’s cooking ability and appearance are inversely proportional.”

“This fellow’s unable to tell good from bad, if Aiko hears you say that, it would truly be the end with for you two. She for you joined the cooking club. You should also know that she has never participated any club activities in school.” Asami discontentedly curled her lips.

“For me? You’re thinking too much. I’m at best, nothing but her babysitter. Don’t say anymore, let’s go, let’s go find a place to sit and wait.”

Asami looked curiously at him, then led him inside.

This was merely the benefit of knowing Asumi, as this was the first time Masashi entered this school. Because the students in this school were either a noble or have a rich family, the security here was tight, and usually, it would never allow outsiders to enter.

Masashi walked and habitually observed the surroundings.

Worthy of being an elite school, the interior compared to the exterior was just too different. There was an advanced teaching building, library, a beautiful indoor gym, a world-class indoor stadium, circular track, underground parking and more advanced facilities. This ostentation, even for some famous universities, would be considered mediocre.

At this time, it was the end of the school day, so more and more student from inside left. Among these were people affectionately kissing in public, male and female students cuddling together were also a lot. Its openness is simply couldn’t be compared with the public school that Masashi attends.

When Masashi and Asami arrived at a circular corridor, Asami let him sit in the corridor on either side of the chair, as she was going to ask Aiko, when she’ll leave.

Masashi agreed in a high leveled tone and readily took out a newspaper.

Reading for about 15 minutes, Masashi suddenly heard a very loud noise in the basketball court, raising his head, and only saw that place surrounded by a group of people.

Masashi, who was reading the newspaper, was a little bored, so he went over to see what’s happening.

Just one look and Masashi lost interest in watching.

It was a very simple matter; seven boys were encircling a European student. No one in the crowd speaks out for the student, and some even smiled while finger-pointing at him, purely seeing this as a play.

School violence wasn’t unusual in Japan when compared to schools in the United States were they were more common.

Masashi never thought of himself as a righteous person, so he completely didn’t intend to interfere with the matter.

“Gennai-san, there you are, making us look for you. Really.” Aiko with Asami, Ryoko, and Ai saw Masashi in the crowd. Aiko couldn’t help but pout, complaining.

“Did the club activity that studies how to kill using food end?” Masashi went to greet the other three girls while slowly withdrawing from the crowd.

“Hateful, it’s the cooking study club, the study isn’t meant to kill people using food.” Aiko very flirtingly protested.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s good, let’s go quickly. I’m a bit hungry, so I can’t wait to get home for dinner.”

“Tonight, stay in my house to eat, okay? I just learned a new cuisine today.” Aiko showed an expression hoping that he’ll agree.

Her face reminded Masashi of Rumi’s appearing when she’s asking him to eat the food she made. “In a month, I presume that you would send your fellow students to the hospital for a period of time because of food poisoning.”

“Hateful guy.” Aiko couldn’t help but pinch his arm.

Masashi’s thick skin became plump, as he temporarily massages his arm.

“Gennai-san, what’s happening there?” Asami strangely looked at the surrounding students.

“Nothing, just a group of kids venting their excess energy.”

When they were just about to go out of the basketball court, when Masashi with his sense of hearing that far surpasses that of an ordinary person heard a sentence that made his eyes blink. Because of this sentence, he stopped.

“Do you know the lifeless guy there?” Masashi turned around and asked them.

“Who are you talking about?” Ryoko asked.

Masashi pointed at the front.

The four girls were a little curious and went towards the crowd to see.

After a while, the four came back. Ryoko said: “The person you just mentioned should be the transfer student who just transferred just recently, His name is Zhangming Xian.

“He’s Chinese?”

“Yes, his father was a Chinese-American, he was studying in the United States, and transferred here last month. But he’s very timid, so he’s often being bullied. The people hitting him are problem students in this school, but their backgrounds are very deep, so even the teachers don’t stop them.” Ryoko went on.

“In other words, just now I didn’t mishear it wrong.”  Masashi suddenly said dismissively.

The four girls were puzzled when Masashi quietly returned to the crowd again, who then, arrived at the forefront.

When he came into contact with the person who obstructed people, he clearly noticed the besieged US transfer student Zhangming Xian hugging his head tightly using his hands, and body curled up while lying on the ground. As several male students around him constantly kicking him, one of the tallest student wearing high quality shoes stepped on the transfer student’s head fiercely kneading his head, and sometimes spitting on him.

Masashi was very familiar with this scene, when he wasn’t reincarnated in his body, that cowardly Hirota Masashi would be bullied like this by high school students every day. But this wasn’t the reason why Masashi returned once more.

“What did you just call him?” Masashi went to the front and asked the tallest boy.

“Who are you? You’re not a student of our school.” The boy looked at his uniform.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, if I heard correctly, you just called him a Chinese pig, is that right?”

“What are you going to do about it? Before I get angry, go away to the side.” Several other boys also stopped and looked at him.

“I’ll ask again, did you just call him a Chinese pig?” Masashi still tirelessly asked.

“I did, if you trouble me again, I’ll hit you.” The boy spat at Masashi.

“Yes, you’re on the line.” Masashi gently stepped sideways evading the saliva, as his face had a strange smile.

“You….” The boy hadn’t finished talking when his whole body was suddenly sent flying….

Nobody knew what happened, the crowd of students only saw him suddenly sent flying more than two meters to the left, and then fell to the ground motionlessly.

The field suddenly became quiet, followed by screams coming from the girls while the entire basketball court was immediately messed up.

“What do you want?” In the remaining six boys, a boy wearing glasses asked Masashi out loud.

“Didn’t you see it? You can come again to find out.” Masashi sent out a chilling smile again

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