Awakening: Chapter 47-Trade

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edited by: Subudai11

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“Looks like Gennai-san is an atheist.” Maruo gently pushed up his glasses.

“Every day a person is either killed in a car accident, put to death by a doctor, battered to death and so on, and among those unfortunate people, 1/10 are a follower of some religious group. God can’t even protect his believers, why should I believe in him?”

“I was just like you an atheist, but I started to believe. But not in God, but in the evil spirits. Only they can actually grant my desire. For this purpose, I had wronged you, and use you as the sacrificial offering for this ritual.”

“Sacrifice? What do you mean, what do you mean, tell me?” Shizuko’s boyfriend kept looking at Masashi.

“Gennai-san, it seems that if you don’t explain to them, they wouldn’t understand.” Maruo gracefully sat on a chair, then rested his right leg on his left leg, smiling at Masashi.

Seeing Rumi and Kazumi’s puzzled look, Masashi smiled bitterly, “this person is a lunatic. Not so long ago when he was in Tokyo, he continually killed people, at that time I had guessed correctly what he was up to. As far as I know, people that cut their victim thoroughly, with the exception of people with neurological problems, there are only two possibility, one is divination, the second is trade.”

Masashi looked at Maruo and continued: “a long time ago in East Asia, some people specializing in divination thought that by cutting open the person born on a special day, observing the shape of the person’s internal organs, allows them to predict the future fortunes of the country as a whole. But this method of divination has being long lost, and once you start, you must simultaneously kill several people, which is impossible. Therefore I ruled out this possibility from the very beginning.”

“There there should only be two possibilities left.”

“If it was a deranged killer, there should be no rules to follow in any time or place. But trade is not the same.”

“The so-called trading, first originated in medieval Europe, it is said that they’re able to have a deal with the devil through the ritual which was invented by some of the followers of the devil. This was also known as the devil’s bargain.”

“Today, this ritual evolved several times. Now it’s not only limited to the followers of the devil. In Asia and America, some people began to use belief in other groups.”

“This guy said that trade is one of them. It is said that it had to be the darkest night of a month, at a specific location, victim cut open alive, dedicated for the devil’s sacrifice, as a means of exchange, to achieve what he desires.”

“In my opinion, this guy’s just daydreaming. If you can trade successfully, and get atomic bombs what can we do?”

“So, I told this to the police and then…..”

“Then, they’ll ambush me at the place that I’ll be likely at, and this was the gift you gave to me.” Maruo interrupted him, then pulling up his clothes up to the chest, exposing a large scar on his right chest.

“Dying back there, is what you wanted right Gennai-san? Unfortunately for you, I’m back. But because of you, my desire was unfulfilled. The ritual held tonight can’t be compared to before, it can only satisfy a little of my desire, but fortunately I caught you, which can be considered as compensation.” Maruo said while fixing his clothes.

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